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It is the pleasure of mine to recommend Mr. Denis Đukić from Ehtes Ltd as a perspective Oracle specialist.  He is held in high esteem for his talents, skills and dedication.

We at Comland d.o.o. engaged Mr. Denis Djukic as an Oracle contractor, in order to join our team of Oracle developers.  He quickly mastered processes in our company due to his previous experience with many companies and knowledge of the technologies that we use, such as Oracle Forms, Toad and SQL/PLSQL programming languages. He very quickly became a productive member of our team and we have found no fault in his work ethic.

He conveyed valuable experience, knowledge and solutions from other projects which he has worked on, which is of great use especially in brainstorming and  development of a new products. He is self-initiative and proactive and ready to work hard to improve processes or products in order to bring greater value to our customers. His skills as an Oracle DBA have been showcased wery useful for administrative tasks on the database.

Mr Đukić is a man of sound character, honest and dependable and worthy of merit.  He possesses excellent communication skills, is a team player, a leader and he is making great contribution to our staff.

It is with these in mind that we extended the initial agreement, and continue to collaborate with him with great pleasure and satisfaction.

I know him and know that he is a suitable Oracle specialist and I can unreservedly recommend Denis Đukić.

Yours sincerely,

Darko Mišov

CEO of Comland Ltd